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At Fiscal Agents, we aim to provide our customers with the highest level of personal service in the investment planning industry. We understand that our customers are our greatest asset and should be treated with the respect and courtesy they deserve.

This concrete relationship with our clients has helped to build the strong foundation on which we have grown since our inception in 1977. Take a look at our Company Profile to get a better idea of how we have evolved into the full-service savings and investments centre we are today.

The staff at Fiscal Agents are dedicated to finding financial solutions that suit the needs and goals of our clients and subscribe to the notion that the customer should always come first. Learn about the art of choosing a financial advisor and discover more about the faces behind the Fiscal Agents name in our People / Advisors section. You can also obtain directions to the office of Fiscal Agents Financial Service Group by clicking on Our Location.

The Fiscal Agents website has been developed to give our customers better access to the products and services that we offer. It also contains a wealth of information on topics such as investing, retirement planning and estate preparation. You can use the Search This Site function to locate data on a particular subject or visit the Article Reprints and Permissions Page sections to find out how to gain access to the information for other uses.

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Fiscal Agents Overview
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What people are saying about
in the press
Below are some mentions of our website in various news sources.
"...The retirement planning tool offered on the website of Fiscal Agents, a Toronto-based financial advice firm ... is tops for thoroughness, reliability and practicality. ...This is a calculator where you throw virtually all possible variables into the mix and then receive a detailed report documenting the income you're on track to receive in retirement."

Rob Carrick, Personal Finance columnist for The Globe And Mail.
"This is one of the best websites I have seen for up-to-date, accurate, and unbiased financial information."

Lynn Biscott
, Editor of The Fernwood Report.
"In about 10 minutes The Pension Puzzle calculator web enabled by Fiscal Agents and based on Bruce Cohen's work will tell you whether you should be worrying about retirement."

Jonathan Chevreau, Personal Finance columnist for The Financial Post, from quoted from the article Will you have enough to retire? - Online calculator lets you know.
"if you want to know how much more you will earn with a higher-rate GIC or savings account you can go to and check out the GICs Rate and Return Calculator."

Ellen Roseman, Personal Finance columnist for The Toronto Star, quoted in her article Getting better rates from smaller banks.
"My all time favorite Web site, These guys really have their stuff together and they offer consumers a wide range of calculators (personal planners and worksheets) to help us sort out our money."

Gail-Vaz-Oxlade, Personal finance columnist for Chatelaine's Your Money section, quoted from her article Calculating your Options.
"It's important for you or your financial advisor to test drive your RRSP to see if it's going to take you where you want to go. A good place to start is the website of [investment] planning firm Fiscal Agents..."

Rob Carrick, Personal Finance columnist for the Report On Business section of the Globe And Mail and
"The nice thing about Fiscal Agent's site is it carries the most recent [interest] rates of all major financial institutions... [The website] is getting better all the time. It's a handy place for [financial] advisors to visit" and "holds a first rate question and answer section on registered plans"

Glenn Flanagan, Web Watch Columnist for the Investment Executive, Canada's Newspaper for Financial Advisors.

Its great to hear from you, especially when it's in the form of an accolade. The following general comments on our site where extracted from feedback we've received from our readers.

Thank you for having the information about "being an executor" online. It
gives us a good start in knowing what to look for, and what to cancel. Just
knowing how to proceed helps us know whom to contact for help as we work our
way through the process.
- K.Pearson, via e-mail

"You have a great site [RRIF Planning], very easy to navigate and very interesting and useful info. Thank you, I needed that!!"
- Ruth Boychuk, via e-mail

"Very well laid out. Easy to navigate. A pleasure to use. A wealth of information" - Unsigned, via e-mail

"Chocked full of information with ease of use. Please continue to keep up the good work. My hat is off to your organization for the great effort put into the site..." - sumoboy98@, via e-mail

"Very well presented and informative. Yours is the first site I "hit" but I feel I need go no further. I am fairly well informed on fiscal matters and you have it all. Thank you..."
- December@, via e-mail

"Read about your site in the newspaper... Interesting work for a credit union, good tools in one location..." - bonnie@, via e-mail

"I was particularly interested in the Pension Puzzle Calculator..." - s.murray@, via e-mail

"Very pleased with what I found here! I will definitely be using this site again..." - pjohnson@, via e-mail

"Quite pleased with the site - good job..."
- sharon.leclercq@, via e-mail

"My purpose was to use the retirement planning tool based on the book which I had previously read and found very useful. However, I found a wealth of information on this site which I did not expect to find. I will be returning to the site in future for additional information, tips, rates, consumer info, etc..." - Unsigned2@, via e-mail

"One of the best sites, for information. I live in B.C, Unfortunley [some of] your services are not available here..." - BCmail@, via e-mail

"Easy for a novice to navigate. Loads of useful information..." - ringashbdn@, via e-mail

"Your site is useful and well laid out, easy to use and complemented with good tools and calculators..." - jacques.belzile@, via Email

"Like all of the changes to the site over the past couple of years" - michaels@, via e-mail

"The RRIF payout schedule was the most useful - hadn't seen it anywhere else..." - june@, via e-mail

"One of the best I've seen. Thank you..." - carl@, via e-mail

"From the best interest rates through to mutual fund data, and all the supporting information in articles and newsletters, calculators etc, yours is by far the best Canadian personal finance web site" - Bill K, via e-mail

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