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For immediate release

Oakville, Ontario. Canada - January 30, 2001

Guess What? Fiscal Agents just got even better

The imminent launch of the new Fiscal Agents web site next month (February 2001) represents the culmination of years of planning, and serves to complete the vast lineup of financial services available from Oakville's pre-eminent no-fee Deposit Broker.

The script is written, the stage is prepared and the players are ready. Fiscal Agents, an Oakville-based financial services company in business since 1977, is all set to raise the curtain on its newest and most grand investmentl planning blockbuster.

Folks, prepare to be dazzled.

A spectacular new web site, remember to bookmark the address, as will make a debut in a matter of a few weeks. When this happens, Oakville's button-downed financial planning community will never be the same.

The new, re-dedicated Fiscal Agents web site will feature thousands of pages of financial material. Visitors will be able to explore extensive layers of investment and financial planning tools, charts and data, analysis, informative articles and much more. Says Fiscal Agents Director of Information Services, David Newman, the site is intended to supplement and indeed, complete the firm's already broad arsenal of financial planning services.

"The idea is to extend the services that we are able to offer our customers," Newman explains. "We are certain that both our corporate customers who rely on us for information services as well as the individual investors we serve will welcome this new arm of Fiscal Agents."

Says Newman, the re-launched site will be unmatched anywhere in Canada, and will no doubt attract veteran investors looking for new insights as well as novices hoping to develop an understanding of the basics of retirement planning.

The web site represents the latest production in a long line of Fiscal Agents services, including:

  • complete personal investment planning services for investors, conducted from the Fiscal Agents storefront on Lakeshore Road in Oakville;
  • specialized investment planning programs including children's education savings plans, estate planning and investment tax planning.
  • services as a supermarket of financial products, with access to a broad range of financial instruments from virtually all of Canada's financial institutions including Chartered Banks, Trust and Loan companies, Life Insurance and Investment Management firms;
  • Investment planning tools for consumers such as the Fiscal Agents Cornerstone Planning program, the Notepad, the Blueprint, the Cornerstone Organizer, the GIC Manager and the Toolbox;
  • maintenance of a comprehensive network of financial researchers who compile information on dozens of financial products such as mutual funds and GICs on a daily basis, and produce multitudes of charts and rate tables for financial professionals, news agencies and daily and weekly newspapers including the Toronto Star as well as individual customers;
  • production of numerous print and electronic information products in the form of on-line articles, newsletters and columns for daily and weekly newspapers; and
  • development of pamphlets and booklets covering a broad range of financial planning topics, including specialized in-house titles such as The Ten Principles of Being Rich and Money Management Made Easy.

Says David Newman, "I can safely say that our massive array of services and programs makes us the undisputed king of independent financial services and information not only in Oakville and Halton but across Canada. The re-dedication of our web site next month is the culmination of years of development and planning and serves to tie all of our services together in an unbeatable package."

But at the core of this massive structure remains the original, simple yet wonderful premise upon which Fiscal Agents was founded, to find the best rates for the conservative investor.

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