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Seeking advice, where to start...

"There aren't enough hours in the day."

How often do we say this to ourselves? The time pressures we are under are enormous, and we simply don't have the time to "do it all." Yet when it comes to money matters, even if you have the time, do you really have the expertise to sift through information on mutual funds, GIC options, retirement plans, RRIFs, LIFs and all the other investment "ifs?" Would you have confidence in your decision?

Most of us don't have the time or expertise

Time and expertise are precisely what an Fiscal Agents representative can offer you: the time to sort through, select and constantly monitor your investments and the expertise to recommend investments that can help you shape your life.

Everyone relies on doctors, mechanics, dentists, lawyers, etc. because they need expertise and yet, with their personal financial affairs, a lot of people take a "do-it-yourself" approach. Unfortunately, at the end of the day it can be a costly choice.

Build a relationship based on trust

Working with the right person could make the difference between making or forgoing thousands of dollars over your lifetime. So, it makes sense that you build a relationship on trust. Only you know what your aspirations, dreams and fears are. Cornerstone Planning was designed to help you have to be willing to talk about them honestly - where trained

Treat it as a long-term relationship because with money, you need to think long term no matter how much the situation changes from year to year. Even the most steadfast investor may lose heart if his or her investments drop in value in the short term. However, your adviser has likely seen it all before, and will help you stick to your plan when your first impulse might be to panic and sell. That is another benefit of the full service that a financial advisor provides you.

What should you look for:

Canadian investors consistently rank trustworthiness and good track record above all other criteria in assessing their financial professionals.

Source: Decima Research, 1995 - Trimark Mutual Funds

Finding the right fit

Finding the right fit with a investment specialist is no different from finding any other service provider. Begin by talking with friends and colleagues since people usually offer the names of service providers who give good service.

Read your daily newspaper and financial publications, paying special attention to who is being quoted and what firms are providing information to the press. Ask about their qualifications, how they'll make a difference for you and how long they have been in the business.

When an advisor has won your trust, you owe him or her yours. To provide you with the best service, your advisor needs your confidence and loyalty, so when you've found the "right fit," stay with it.

Questions you should ask yourself

To make the most of what your financial advisor offers, there are some things you should ask yourself:

  • Have I thought about the stage of life I've reached and what that means for my financial needs?
  • Do I know what my upcoming financial needs and goals are, and when I'll need the money for them?
  • Do I know what investments I have now, and their value?
  • Have I determined how much I can invest on a monthly and yearly basis?
  • Do I get nervous thinking about my financial future?

We have added hotlinks to parts of our Website to help you with some of the above mentioned questions.

Investor Tester
Find out what type of investor you are...

Networth worksheets
(short form - comprehensive worksheet)...
Choose from a variety of Calculators and worksheets...

Act today

"Act today" really means something when it comes to your money. Don't delay finding the person who can help you define your needs, develop your plan, and put you on a path to realize your dreams. Investing early, investing often and investing wisely can make a big difference to your long-term financial security.

Since 1977, our firm has grown considerably, providing financial products and services through the unique expertise of a Deposit Broker (and enhanced by the understanding of a Life insurance agency) to individuals, corporations, trust and estates, charities, religious groups. The firm is a wholly-owned Canadian corporation. Our company motto is Enterprise with Prudence and Integrity, words that embody our everyday life. We have coupled our motto with a clear vision of the needs of our clients, delivering a consistent and dependable financial service that you can rely on.

As an independent minded company, our Associate Representatives' sole objective and activity is to provide unbiased investment services from a wide selection of financial institutions in a highly personalized manner. Whether you are a large or small investor, we offer independent advice about how to build a long-term investment strategy that is tailored to your personal financial adjectives.

Because we understand that no two clients are exactly alike, our relationship approach allows our representatives to focus on each person's unique financial needs, thus creating flexible and customized investment solutions.

Money Management Made Easy ®

The first step is to establish a client's financial profile, their investment goals, and how they feel about certain investments and the level of risk they carry.

Once these have been established, a basic portfolio structure is recommended. In general portfolios fall into the following categories: Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive.

Investing is a complex and time demanding process. Fiscal Agents not only will be able to provide you with the unique characteristics of each chosen investment, we will help you understand how and why your investments are reacting to worldwide influences on your investments, both inside and outside of an RRSP/RRIF plan.

Know your investment objectives

Time... How long will you be investing? Do you need a hedge against inflation? Liquidity... Will you need to access your investments? Safety of Capital... Is it imperative that you maintain your original investment at all times? Taxes... Is minimizing tax on investment income important? Risk... How much are you prepared to lose? Return... How much are you hoping to gain? Effort... How much personal time are you willing to spend monitoring?

Make sure your investment plan is the right one for you. Over the years, changes in your life will continue to shape it. Invest the time in an annual review of your plan to ensure it remains in line with your goals. Remember, your financial plan should last a lifetime.

Our company was formed in 1977, some 30 years ago to help you setup a financial plan, choose the best investments for your needs. Our purpose is to help make Money Management Made Easy ® for you. Please feel free to call or e-mail your inquiry to us for a confidential review.

A final thought...

The choices you make are very important. They will have a great impact on how you can live your life so proceed with caution. It is only common sense and good money management.

Never make an investment that you don't understand. Buy only from organizations who have an established and public track record. Purchase investments that fit with your personal and investment objectives and that have a justified place in your portfolio. Don't make any investments you are not comfortable with.

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