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The Ten Principles Of Being Rich™
is an illustrated, full length book brought to you by Fiscal Agents. It is filled with detailed tips on various investment types. It follows the life stories of three individuals, with varying ages and lifestyles, and gets the inside scoop on the decisions they make to better their financial security.

The book can be freely viewed or downloaded. It has been divided into sections that you can open or save it. Click the titles of the sections listed below to read them.

This section, written by Fiscal Agents' President Rob Whipp, discusses the focus of the book and the goals it will assist you in reaching.
Principle 1: Focus On Time
Understanding the link between time, your life span and successful investing
Principle 2: Time as a Friend, Time as a Foe
How time matters to investors; facing up to the realities of time limitations; the magic of compound interest; the Rule of 72
Principle 3: The Frugal Investor
Prudent investing; taking stock and making a decision to plan your future; exercising discipline over time; dealing with the constraints of time
Principle 4: Setting Goals and Recognizing Values
Evaluate your values and goals; values versus goals; developing a relationship with your advisor; money and its purposes; modifying goals over time; keeping records
Principle 5: Developing a Blueprint
Decisions and consequences; taking stock of resources, evaluating options and establishing priorities; tax planning and planning for liquidity; diversification; risk and volatility; investment- quality risk, market risk, inflation and taxation; the risk/reward tradeoff; assessing risk tolerance
Principle 6: The Importance of Insurance
Earning capacity is an asset that should be protected through insurance; insurance as a consideration in an overall financial plan; critical-care insurance
Principle 7: Building a Portfolio
Developing a plan that meets specific needs; more on taxes and liquidity; defining financial security; today's retirement realities; evaluating investment products
Principle 8: Diversification And Asset Allocation
Diversifying your portfolio to incorporate winners; winners and losers; asset allocation based on wealth, age, geography; taking care of short-term, immediate and long-term needs; Templeton revisited; lump sums and dollar-cost averaging
Principle 9: Monitoring And Buy-And-Hold
Monitoring your plan from a time perspective; the luxury of buy-and-hold; the value of investment experience; market cycles and the balanced portfolio; dealing with market downturns; forced savings; re-examining your portfolio; taking advantage of low prices
Principle 10: Estate Planning
Retirement and the end of accumulation mode; capital preservation; tax planning and capital gains; business succession; selling real estate; wills and charitable gifting
The Happy End
Financial plans in action: decisions and consequences; sunny futures
In A Nutshell
Investment principles to live by.


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