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The power of compound interest versus the penalty of waiting - Procrastination
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Sam and Larry, the twins, aged 22.

Smart Sam Twin# 1Larry the late twin # 2
Smart Sam deposits $3,000 per year for 9 years Larry the "Late" twin was always procrastinating, and never saved a penny in the same 9 years
Sam decided to stop investing and leaves the money to grow at 8% Larry then decided to start investing $3,000 per year and does so for 34 years, earning 8% return
Age 65: Sam's money has grown to $553,898 Age 65: Larry's money has grown to $513,950
Sam only deposited (invested) a total of $27,000. His return is shown below: Larry started late and deposited (invested) $102,000. His return is shown below:
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