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The world of financial planning is difficult to navigate without direction so let Fiscal Agents guide the way with our one-stop financial information resource.

Get an inside look at various investment instruments offered by financial institutions in IP-Profiler. Info-Reports takes it one step further with a detailed look at each investment vehicle, providing a rating for various issues including safety and accessibility.
The Bookstore provides a direct link to purchase the latest printed materials on financial planning while InterWeb contains a wide-ranging collection of links to useful and interesting web sites. Complimenting InterWeb is the Resource Centre, featuring a host of financial planners tools, calculators and links. The Financial Glossary is the perfect place to visit to bulk up on financial knowledge before making any investment decisions. Before you go, make sure you check in on our three friends Kate, Jack and Clive in The 10 Principles of Being might be surprised with what they have to tell you!

With the many options available to investors today, it pays to take the time to review your choices before throwing your hat into the investment ring. Info-Reports takes the work out of investigating by providing a detailed overview of a wide spectrum of investment instruments. Each report focuses on aspects of the individual instrument including safety, access to funds, and risk in order to enable the investor to make an educated decision.

IP-Profiler offers a closer look at the individual investment instruments offered by financial institutions as well as some of the products and services available. Features and benefits are showcased and common questions are addressed in order to give a balanced profile of what is available in the financial industry.

The Internet has become a virtual goldmine in respect to sites related to the financial industry. InterWeb is an interesting cross-section of these including pages from Government sources as well as useful consumer information sites geared toward giving the reader an inside edge. InterWeb also features a number of links to various media outlets that can be accessed at the click of a button.

With a complete selection of various online planners, tools and calculators, the Resource Centre is a one stop shop for financial information. It features links to a wide range of sites serving the finance industry including stock exchanges, investment associations and regulators. It also contains links to websites dealing with personal and behavioural finance and education. Use the handy calculators to get a closer look at your personal financial picture.

The Ten Principles of Being Rich follows the life stories of three typical investors - Kate, Jack and Clive - and shows how time interacts with the fundamentals discussed as they develop and monitor their financial plans.

The Book Store provides a brief look into several insightful books and guides authored by knowledgeable financial industry insiders. With topics ranging from RRSP planning to financial management and advising, the books offer an in-depth look at finance from a Canadian perspective.

Designed for both the finance professional and the money market novice, the Knowledge Bank Financial Glossary is the ultimate reference tool. With over 1200 concise definitions of relevant terms used in the financial industry, the Glossary touches on almost every facet of finance, investment and savings in a manner that is clear and easy to understand. We also have available glossaries dealing with specific investments or topics, listed below.

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