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IP-Profiler - Banking Accounts
Daily Interest Savings Accounts

Today's investor has no shortage of investment options to choose from. We believe so strongly in our mission to make money management easy for our clients that we went and had it registered as our Trade Mark - Money Management Made EasyŽ.

We want you to profit from our research. This section provides a base reference source of investment products in a simple format. The information outlined below is provided to give an overall illustration of parameters that may be in effect for this investment product.

Investment Product  
P r o f i l e r: 
Daily Interest Savings Account
Questions to Ask: Answers you may find:
Balance Levels: Zero - $1,000 (N.I) 
$1,000 - $2,999.99 (T) 
$3,000 - $5,000 (P) 
$5,000 - $10,000 (P) 
$10,000 - and over (P) 
Interest calculated on the daily closing balance.
Interest Credited: Monthly
Charges:  If minimum monthly balance is below $1,000 - one free withdrawal allowed per month, thereafter $0.65 each. 
If balance of $1,000 or more is maintained, fees are waived. 
If minimum monthly balance is below $200, a $1 monthly maintenance fee is charged. 
Statement or Passbook: Passbook or Monthly Statement.

(N.I) = No Interest paid (T) = Total balance  (P) = Proportional

Data extracted from The Fiscal Reports - Personal Chequing/Saving Accounts, Report # 1 - 2 and provided as a generic product illustration only - issuers of such products may have some, but not all of the features shown.



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