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IP-Profiler - Retirement
Self Directed

Today's investor has no shortage of investment options to choose from. We believe so strongly in our mission to make money management easy for our clients that we went and had it registered as our Trade Mark - Money Management Made EasyŽ.

We want you to profit from our research. This section provides a base reference source of investment products in a simple format. The information outlined below is provided to give an overall illustration of parameters that may be in effect for this investment product.

Investment Product  
P r o f i l e r 
Questions to Ask: Answers you may find:
Type of services offered: Discount Broker/ Full Services, 
Offer RRIF services Self-directed and regular RRIF 
Suggested Portfolio Size: $50,000
ANNUAL FEE:  SDRRSP $25,000 + nil below $25,000 - $25.00 
*Value RRSP - No min. (mutual funds & fixed income investments) - nil 
When fee charged:  October 15th
Is fee pro-rated: No, non-refundable 
Mortgage content fee: 
Dividend re-investment fee:  Included 
Foreign property fee: Included 
SPECIAL PROVISIONS if holding restricted to Mutual Funds, GICs, CSBs or Companies own products.  If holding only debt instruments annual fee $25
TRANSACTION COSTS: Charged according to commission and fee schedule.
Change Investment (Swaps):
1 free, thereafter $25
No-Load Mutual Funds:  None on buy, $40 on sell
Sponsor related Investments products: No fee for affiliated Co's Mutual Funds or GICs
Euroclear: None
Nasdaq:  $35 plus percentage/cents per share 
Transaction via other Broker/Dealer: $25 per shares. 
RRIF PAYMENT FREQUENCY: Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually 
Making a change to the RRIF 
payout amount. Admin fee:
Unscheduled withdrawal fee: 2 additional to schedule, thereafter $25
Full transfer :- Cash: Nil $25
Securities: Nil Nil
Partial transfer :- Cash: Nil $25
Securities: Nil Nil
Full withdrawal:- Cash: 2 free withdrawals per year thereafter $25  2 free withdrawals per year thereafter $25 
Securities: 2 free withdrawals per year thereafter $25  2 free withdrawals per year thereafter $25
Other termination fees: Full annual fee charged.
CASH BALANCES: Interest credited monthly, calculated on the average daily closing balance at premium savings rate. 
Un-invested cash balance covered by CDIC:  Yes
MORTGAGE INVESTMENTS: Arms Length  Non-arms Length 
Annual administration fee:  $225 $200
Set-up fee: $200 $200
Receiving Mortgage payments: None  None
Other fees to be paid by Plan or Borrower 
MICC/CMHC Application fee:
N/A  As per mtge. issuer
Returned cheque fee:  $25 $25
Early renewal fee:  $25 $85 + IRD
Renewal fee:  $85 $85
Discharge fee: $100 $85
Other: Mortgage insurance app. fee $75 
Survey fee for non-arms length $300
Are mortgage, terms, rates or conditions set by the Trustee or Plan holder Rates, terms and conditions subject to the approval of the Trustee
Are partnership mortgages offered: Yes
Mutual Funds:  Allowed 
Options - Calls: Allowed (Long calls and covered call writes) 
Puts:  Not allowed 
Section 4900 Private companies:  Not Allowed 
Monthly if transaction 
Over contribution fee:  $15
Request for research/Fee:  $30 per hour, min. $25 
Other special services:  Full service brokerage offered by company own full securities dealer, If client of trust Co's arm - administration fee waived
Canadian Equities: 
Base Rate $25
Per Share Price: .005 - .06 cents/share
U.S. Equities: 
Base Rate: $35 
Per Share Price: .02 - .08 cents/share
Minimum: $40 
Maximum Commission:  2.5 % of trade value - $35
Options Commission:
Base Rate:  CDN $29 - $ US $29
Plus $/Contract Option Value: $1 - $2.50 on 1st contracts, .50 - $1.75 on additional. 
Minimum Commission: CDN $29 - $ US $29 maximum $35 CDN - $45 US.
PURCHASE: ($000) (%)
Front End Load: 

Deferred Sales Charge:
No Load:
Under $4,999 2.5% min. $40 
$5,000 - $24,999 2% 25,000 and over 1% 
Front end load:
None if issues own funds otherwise $15
Deferred Sale Charge: Varies depending on Fund Co.
No Load: $15
SWITCH: (with one family ($000) %
Front end load: No charge 
Deferred Sale Charge: Regular commission of fees apply
No Load: $40 flat
Affiliated funds: No commissions on switch
Other special services: RRSP loan program 
Second SDRRSP 
- Individual 
- Spousal $35 
- Locked- $25

Data extracted from The Fiscal Reports - Self-Directed Registered Retirement Savings Plans, Report # 10 and provided as a generic product illustration only - issuers of such products may have some, but not all of the features shown .


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