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RRSP - Guaranteed Interest Annuities

Today's investor has no shortage of investment options to choose from. We believe so strongly in our mission to make money management easy for our clients that we went and had it registered as our Trade Mark - Money Management Made EasyŽ.

We want you to profit from our research. This section provides a base reference source of investment products in a simple format. The information outlined below is provided to give an overall illustration of parameters that may be in effect for this investment product.

Investment Product 
P r o f i l e r: 
RRSPs - Guaranteed Interest Annuities
Questions to Ask: Answers you may find:
Interest Compounds: Annually
Calculation Base: Daily
Rate May Be Adjusted: Daily
Minimum Initial Deposit: $1,000 (if minimum not met, contract is
closed upon a withdrawal)
Subsequent Deposits: $250
Monthly Payment Option: $50 (Pre-authorized chequing payment plan)
Annual Fees: None
Early Surrender Fees: None
Interest Compounds / Credited: Annually
Interest Re-invested: At original or daily interest savings account rate.
Minimum Deposit: $1,000
$5,000 - less than 1 year term
$5,000 - monthly interest
Terms Offered: Simple interest: 3 months and 6 months through 20 years. Compound interest 1 - 20 years.
Transfer / De-Registration: Adjusted to market value.
Early Purchase of
Annuity with Issuer:
No surrenders in 1st year, thereafter 2% reducing by 1% per year for 2 years, 3% reducing by 0.8% per year for 5 years or 5% reducing by 0.5% per year for 10 years, and potential market value adjustment.
Loading/Expense Fees: None
Administration Fee: None
Bonus Interest: $50,000 - $99,999 + 1/8%
$100,000 - $249,999 + 1/4%
$250,000 and over + 3/8%
Enhanced Life Annuity Rates: Blended
Registered or Non-Registered: Both
Rate Guarantee for RRSP Transfer: Up to 45 days from date that form and transfer forms are signed. If outside funds received within 45 days , will be applied at the higher of the guaranteed rate(s) and the current rate at time funds are received.

Data extracted from The Fiscal Reports -Guaranteed Interest Annuities, Report # 8 and provided as a generic product illustration only - issuers of such products may have some, but not all of the features shown below.


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