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Various useful online calculators, planners and tools

With a complete selection of various online planners, tools and calculators, the Fiscal Agents Resource Centre is a one stop shop for financial information. It features links to a wide range of sites serving the finance industry including stock exchanges, investment associations and regulators. It also contains links to websites dealing with personal and behavioural finance and education. Use the handy calculators to get a closer look at your personal financial picture.

Useful calculators and Sites

Stock Market Yellow Pages
Search descriptions of public companies.
Ontario Savings Bond Calculator
Calculate the value of an Ontario Savings Bond using varying bond types, amounts, series and interest calculation methods.
Canada Savings Bond Value Calculator
Determine the result of investing in a Canada Savings Bond over various lengths of time. Features CSB series beginning in 1989.
Canada Savings Bond recorder
Record the important details of up to 10 of your Canada Savings Bond investments. Print this summary for your records.
Canada Deposit Insurance Coverage Calculator
Calculate the amount of applicable deposit insurance available through the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation.
RRSP Calculator
Determine the amount of tax savings arising from various RRSP contribution amounts, based on taxable income.
Bank of Canada Currency Calculator
Perform conversions for currencies of numerous countries, using dates ranging from 1990 to present.
Bank of Canada Inflation Calculator
Using CPI data, compare the cost of goods purchased in different years. Choose years ranging from 1914 to present.
Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

Obtain information about funding available for post-secondary education through OSAP. Re-payment information also available.
Visit this health e-store to purchase products normally available through drugstores. Features news topics and health quizes.


Common Canada Customs & Revenue Forms

Ontario Public Guardian Forms

Transfer Authorization For Registered Investments (T2033)

Government Forms
1.Old Age Security Application Kit, Pension Plan Retirement Pension Kit
2.Estimate Request for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Retirement Pension
3.Application for Foreign Benefits under an Agreement on Social Security

Can be obtained from the following links

Pension Application forms

SIN Application

Interesting Calculators Body Mass Index Calculator
Many insurance companies now use Body Mass Index as a pre-screening question for critical illness insurance. You can see if you'll have a problem here.
The Longevity Game
Play The Longevity Game and calculate how long you can expect to live based on life insurance industry research. Everyone starts with the average life expectancy of 73 years and adds or subtracts years from their score as they respond to The Longevity Game questions.
Glossary 1200 financial terms explained in a easy to read format.

• Canadian Association of Financial Planners
• Canadian Bankers Association (CBA)
• Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF)
• Canadian Investor Relations Institute (CIRI)
• Canadian Securities Institute (CSI)
• Canadian Shareowners Association
• Investment Dealers Association (IDA)
• Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC)
• Investor Learning Centre of Canada
• Federation of Canadian Independent Deposit Brokers
• Independent Financial Brokers of Canada
• Canadian Life and Health Insurance Assocation Inc
• Canadian Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
• Mutual Fund Dealers Association

Investment News / Views / Quotes


Personal / Behavioural Finance & Education • Bloomberg Women
• CIBC’s Smartest Youth Site
• Equity: About Woman and Money
• Family Money Homepage
• Independent Means
• Invest Smart Stock Market Game
• Investing For Kids
• Investing For Women
• Kids
• Lessons In Behavioral Finance
• There’s Something About Money
• Women’s Retirement Guide
• Young Investor Website
Regulators • Alberta Securities Commission
• B.C. Securities Commission
• Commission des valeurs mobilieres du Quebec - (English) (Francais)
• Ontario Securities Commission
• U.S. Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC)

Stock Exchanges
• American Stock Exchange
• Canadian Venture Exchange
• Chicago Board Options Exchange
• Chicago Mercantile Exchange
• Chicago Stock Exchange
• Montreal Stock Exchange
• New York Stock Exchange
• Toronto Stock Exchange
• Winnipeg Commodity Exchange
• Winnipeg Stock Exchange
• Hong Kong Futures Exchange
• NASDAQ Europe
• Tokyo Stock Exchange
• London International Futures and Options Exchange
• London Stock Exchange
• German Stock Exchange
• European Exchange (EUREX)
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Please keep in mind that these tools are not intended to provide investment advice, and you should not make financial decisions based solely on results from calculators found on the Internet. All examples are hypothetical and for illustrative purposes. We make no representation or promises about the quality of the above linked calculators. Please consult your professional investment advisor to discuss your own unique situation.

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