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Test your proficiency in various areas of investing with our on-line quizzes. Each is a quick 10-question multiple choice test containing questions related to each category. Your results will be presented to you in a easily read report card, complete with correct answers to questions you replied to in error.

Categories include Understanding and Managing Credit, Investment Concepts, Investment Instruments & Practices, RRSP Facts & Figures, Mortgage Matters, Education Savings Plans, GICs and Term Deposits, and Retirement Options.

To begin a quiz, click the title from the selection box at the right. Instructions will be provided to you.

l Test Your Knowledge of
Understanding and Managing Credit
l Test Your Knowledge of
Investment Concepts
l Test Your Knowledge of
Investment Instruments & Practices
l Test Your Knowledge of
RRSP Facts & Figures
l Test Your Knowledge of
Retirement Options
l Test Your Knowledge of
Mortgage Matters
l Test Your Knowledge of
Education Savings Plans
l Test Your Knowledge of
GICs and Term Deposits

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