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Fiscal Agents - the cornerstone to any investment planning solution.

Making the right financial decisions isn't always easy - that's why it makes sense to get some help and advice first, form someone who really knows the market, is truly independent and what you to are looking for.

Our philosophy starts with understanding your interests, your goals and priorities and then recommend solutions that build confidence towards success.

To explore the benefits of having a Fiscal Agents advisor help you sort through the hundreds of options, finding the best to match your circumstances without obligation, click here for contact information and/or fill out the short online form.

Guaranteed Investment Certificates: A type of debt security sold to individuals by banks and trust companies. They usually cannot be cashed before the specified redemption date, and pay interest at a fixed rate. Taken from the Fiscal Agents Glossary

When it comes to investing and planning for the future, the sheer number of options and opportunities can become overwhelming and lead to a serious case of intimidation. There is a simple cure for this financial affliction, however; just learn to think as the professionals do. In this section, we'll talk about the many type of Guaranteed Investments ranging from savings accounts and short term deposits through to the locked-in fixed-rate GICs.

It is virtually impossible to anticipate the results of the investment market. You can, however, take a step in the right direction with Fiscal Agent's selection of investment tips and information including The risks that surround investments and Benefiting from interest earning investments. Our GICs Explained data sheet will provide you with a detailed breakdown and explanation of this popular investment and round out your investment experience with a good dose of General investor tips.

About the CDIC

The Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) has its limits. Discover them with the CDIC quiz and other relevant information.
Test Your Knowledge

Think you know GICs? Well, how about taking our short GIC Quiz? Put your knowledge to the test on GICs and Term Deposits.

Featured Reading on Fixed Term GICs

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Our Bookstore section contains details related to books that we recommend for various areas of investing. Also provided are links to ordering information on each title from

Featured titles involving GIC Investing include:

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Personal Finance for Canadians
Written by Lori M. Bamber

Another of our must-read features we have developed are the Info-Reports and IP-Profiler sections. As learning tools, they will help you understand the different features and benefits offered by the many savings and investment instruments, in an easy-to-understand presentation.

With so many choices in investment services available in today's market, it is hard to know which is the right path to take. Info-Reports has taken the guess work out of it for you by providing clear and informative reviews of products available to investors in the financial industry. Using a numerical rating system, Info-Reports evaluates several aspects of the investment product including investment safety, income return, and access to funds in order to present a balanced picture. Designed to assist potential investors in making informed choices regarding their investment portfolio, Info-Reports also describes features and benefits of individual investment products.

IP-Profiler contains an in-depth profile of several different types of investment products offered by many financial institutions. Focusing on providing answers to frequently asked questions concerning investment instruments, the IP-Profiler reports contain information on the specific features and benefits associated with each one, including details on deposit levels and investment terms.

GIC Related Financial Tools

If you would like a better illustration of the impact of Guaranteed Investments, try out our selection of GIC-focused calculators. Compare differing rates of return (using live data straight from our rate tables) or examine the potential windfall of your new investment. Our calculators were designed with anyone of any level of investing experience in mind.

Rate and Return Calculator
Illustrates the amount of interest accrued on varying deposit amounts.
GIC Rate & Return Comparison
Displays the difference in interest between 2 rates over varying deposit amounts and time periods. You can produce a report of your findings as well.

Guaranteed Investment Interest Rates

Presented here are the rates of return for each investment product previously discussed. For a review of the features and benefits of each instrument type, click the names below. To view our rate tables that apply to each, click on the table names listed in the 'Rates Available' column.

   Investment Product Investment
Rates Available
 Savings Accounts
4  Short Term Deposits
4  Guaranteed up to 5 years

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We have also taken the opportunity to compile a reference section for retirement-related investment products, known as the IP-Profiler. It provides a detailed look at the various products available and contains information on deposit levels and applicable fees.
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