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Fiscal Agents - the cornerstone to any investment planning solution.

Making the right financial decisions isn't always easy - that's why it makes sense to get some help and advice first, from someone who really knows the market, is truly independent and what you are looking for.

Our philosophy starts with understanding your interests, your goals and priorities and then recommending solutions that build confidence towards success.

To explore the benefits of having a Fiscal Agents' advisor help you sort through the hundreds of options, find the retirement products and services to match your circumstances without obligation, click here for contact information and/or fill out the short online form.
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Retirement Income Funds Also in this section: Annuities

Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) - A RRIF is an investment vehicle used to produce income in retirement. Generally RRIFs are established by transferring money from an RRSP into the RRIF. Payments must then commence from the RRIF by the end of the latest in the year following the year the RRIF is established.

Life Income Fund (LIF) -
A RRIF that receives funds from a locked-in retirement account that provides a life income by restricting the maximum withdrawals from the plan based on the equivalent payments from an annuity.

- Taken from the Fiscal Agents Financial Glossary

Your retirement should be a time of expectation and enjoyment; a time to put all of the plans and goals that you have made over the years into action. But when the time comes, will you have the resources to live the life you have imagined? If the advertising in the media is correct, you will either be quite rich or very broke. It's a good idea to aim in between.

When it comes to converting your RRSP monies into income producing investments and planning for the future, the sheer number of options and opportunities can become overwhelming and lead to a serious case of intimidation. Never fear however, there is a simple cure for this financial affliction: Just learn to think as the professionals do.

To obtain a clearer understanding about the particular terms involved in Retirement Income planning, take a look at Fiscal Agents' Glossary of Retirement Terms.
Special Glossary Of
Retirement Terms

Many options exist for those about to embark on this important time in their lives. It pays to take the time to investigate all possibilities to ensure that enough income will remain to provide a comfortable lifestyle not only now but for the duration of your retirement. Our document Retirement Options: Questions and Answers will help increase your knowledge of what lies ahead in your retirement years.

The Cornerstone Household Directory of Documents
Getting stressed out? If you've been planning to finally get all of your personal paperwork in good order, our free booklet titled The Cornerstone Household Directory of Documents can help you do just that. Use this link to view the booklet's page, where you can download it in Microsoft Word .doc format or Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

RRIF Related Financial Tools

Fiscal Agents' collection of retirement planning calculators and worksheets will also come in handy for those interested in planning for the future. Whether your retirement is two or 20 years away, it is never too early to put a retirement plan into action. The calculators listed below are a good start for understanding your retirement goals, and setting in motion an effective plan towards meeting them.

What Should You Be Saving For Retirement?
This simple, 5-step financial calculator is a direct adaptation of the comprehensive worksheet found in the financial book The Pension Puzzle. Using values you provide, an investigation into your retirement income goals and the amount of money you have saved to meet them will be performed, providing results to illustrate any additional income you may require. A report of the data entered can also be generated.
Retirement Savings & Income Calculator
Shows the regular RRSP contribution needed to achieve a specific retirement income.

It is virtually impossible to anticipate the results of the investment market. You can however take a step in the right direction with Fiscal Agents' selection of investment tips and information including The risks that surround investments and Benefiting from interest earning investments. Learn more about the benefits of RRSPs with RRSP Questions & Answers and delve into the world of mutual funds in Mutual Fund Questions & Answers. Our GICs Explained data sheet will provide you with a detailed breakdown and explanation of this popular investment and round out your investment experience with a good dose of General investor tips. Finally, increase your knowledge of what lies ahead in your retirement years with RRIF options: Questions and Answers and the Retirement Income Annuities section.

For those who like to leave nothing to chance, the information on Incapacity: Planning ahead helps and Structuring an effective Will is ideal. Also, take a peek at the information provided on Being an executor. Finally, the Estate Planning section can help you to determine and ensure that you have not missed anything while bringing your affairs to order.

Your investment plan will alter and change just as you do, your needs and goals also change as you age.

Fiscal Agent's Cornerstone® Planning process addresses these concerns and works with you to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment plan. We recognize that, regardless of your age, it is never too late to start saving for your financial future and retirement. Please review The Milestones in your Financial Lifecycle.

Featured reading on RRIFs

This must-read section brings together relative RRIF information you need to get started or enhance your understanding of the elements of Retirement Income Planning.

Money Management Newsletter

Turning on the RRIF tap

Converting your RRSP: Choosing a LIF, LRIF or Life Annuity

Points to consider re: RRIFs
New age RRIFs

What to look for in a RRIF

Other Considerations

Choosing a Beneficiary

Wealth Management Programs
The Companion Advisor

Innovative strategies for a worry-free retirement

RRIFs:- Registered Retirement Income Funds

Our Bookstore section contains details related to books that we recommend for various areas of investing. Also provided are links to ordering information on each title from

Featured titles for Retirement Savings include:

The Pension Puzzle: Understand, Evaluate and Plan Your Financial Future
Written by
Bruce Cohen, Brian Fitzgerald

Planning Your Financial Future: A Guide for Canadians
Written by Anne K. Chun, B.Comm., F.I.C.B., C.P.A. (US), C.A. and Patricia Jeremy

The Wealthy Barber: Everyone's Commonsense Guide to Becoming Financially Independent
Written by David Chilton

Retirement, having a voice and having fun - organizations

Since its inception in 1984 this a non-partisan association, CARP has become a forceful voice in Ottawa as well as in the provinces and territories. It is never a matter of just "carping" about concerns, but rather offering practical alternatives regarding the social, economic, financial and political issues we raise. Through national forums or commissioned studies, CARP's goal is always to develop doable recommendations for governments to implement. Whether it is an issue such as scams and frauds directed at seniors, the informal caregiver as a silent victim in a silent system, the now scrapped proposed seniors benefit or the environment, CARP speaks loudly and effectively on behalf of Canada's fifty-plus. And, politicians pay attention. Interest in joining CARP

RRIF Interest Rates

4 1 to 5 yrs RRIF Account
4 10, 15 and 20 years RRIF Account
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