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Estate Planning - The orderly arrangement of one's financial affairs to maximize the value transferred at death to the people and institutions favored by the deceased, with minimum loss of value because of taxes and forced liquidation of assets. Taken from the Fiscal Agents Glossary

We all know of the two certainties in life - death and taxes.
Estate planning is the process of strategizing how, when and to whom, the proceeds of your accumulated wealth is distributed.

In today's complicated world, you'll need to understand the legal and tax ramifications of your requests, and how they impact the value of the estate and its obligations. The learning Centre - Estate Planning hopes to educate and inform you. However, we believe its better to do this planning with the help of professionals such as a lawyer with estate experience, as well as an accountant, insurance broker and investment advisor where their input is required.

The cornerstone of estate planning is the Will, and if needed Power of attorney documents for property and health. A clear understanding of the estate planning objectives, in particular the tax consequences to the deceased's estate.

What will impact your money and how you wish it to be settled.

Not having a written legal Will.

To start with you need to assemble a concise record of all your assets and their respective locations, along with other pertinent information. You can view or download our free booklet, The Cornerstone® Household Directory of Documents, which helps you with both the listing of your records and assisting your executor for locating and processing the terms of the will.
The Cornerstone® Household Directory of Documents
Insurance proceeds (if purchased) can offset the tax (capital gain) burden on capital assets that would otherwise have to be sold to cover the tax owing at death.

Probate fees (Estate Administration Tax, in Ontario) are payable at death; and would be reassessed on the demise of the surviving spouse estate.

Deferring taxes by Joint-ownership, designation of beneficiaries, spousal rsp rollovers, living trust, life insurance and other estate-friendly life insurance company investment products. Gifting assets prior to death to charities.

The Learning Centre:

For those who like to leave nothing to chance, the information on Incapacity: Planning ahead helps and Structuring an effective Will is ideal. Also, take a peek at the information provided on Being an executor. Finally, the Estate Planning section can help you to determine and ensure that you have not missed anything while bringing your affairs to order.

Estate Planning Users Guide

This group of articles where created to give you an overview that outlines of what you need to do to make your estate plan complete. You will need advisers, including a Investment adviser, Insurance specialist, lawyer and possibly a tax professional to apply the most current tax, trust, estate and family laws of your province to your personal situation.

Our estate planning checklist and recommended reading list will help to expand your knowledge. Above all, we hope this article inspires you and gives you the confidence to deal with the challenges associated with handling estate matters.

Estate Planning - Structuring an effective will

Many Canadians intend to pass their lifetime savings on to their heirs. Once retirement needs are met, the assets remaining will be distributed most effectively if they have a will to detail their wishes.

Structuring an
effective will

Estate planning ensures that assets are shared according to the wishes of the individual for the maximum benefit of the heirs. Although many people may think this issue is far in the future, preparing a will and its related estate planning considerations should be a basic step that is taken and repeated whenever there is a change in circumstances such as marriage, divorce, children or relocation. Preparing a will connects the various pieces that comprise a good estate plan.

Some cautionary reasons why it is not wise to write your own will

What are your responsibilities and obligations?

Being an Executor

Being named as an executor of an estate is a big undertaking requiring a considerable amount of time and knowledge. You have been entrusted to handle the financial affairs of the deceased in their absence and owe it to them to make sure you know what is required of you.

Featured reading on Estate Planning

This must-read section brings together relative information you need to get started or enhance your understanding of the elements of Estate Planning process.

Money Management Newsletter

Alter ego & joint partner trusts in estate planning

How to revoke that Power of Attorney

Estate Planning Guide - Ten estate planning tips

What happens if there is no Will?

Exercise caution when trying to avoid probate costs

Look out for the PAR tax slip

Death, disability and the family business
The Companion Advisor

Estate Planning: Being an Executor

Joint Accounts

Estate planning from the Muskoka chair

A matter of trust

Income-splitting using testamentary trust

Our Bookstore section contains details related to books that we recommend for various areas of investing. Also provided are links to ordering information on each title from

Featured titles for Estate Planning include:

You Can't Take It With You: The Common-Sense Guide to Estate Planning for Canadians
Written by Sandra E. Foster

Winning the Estate Planning Game: Estate Planning Strategies for Canadians
Written by Tim Cestnick

Wills: Guide for Canada
Written by Tom Carter

The Canadian Guide to Will & Estate Planning
Written by
Douglas Gray, John Budd

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