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Insurance - is one way to provide financial security for you, your dependents or business partners. Taken from the Fiscal Agents Glossary

Why should you have insurance protection, and how much do you really need?

When you buy insurance your protecting the things you consider valuable against permanent damage or loss. Whether you're insuring your home against a catastrophic disaster as fire or loss of some of the contents of a rented apartment - your paying the insurance company a small amount of money - they assume the risk - If you make a claim they write you the big cheque - in essence, your buying peace of mind.

Within the Learning Centre - Insurance Section, you'll find information on all sorts of personal coverage, a special glossary of life insurance terms, sample term rates, articles describing aspects of whole life, term and Universal life. Using the insurance tools, worksheets and tips should help you figure out your insurance needs.

WinQuote™ Online Life Insurance Quote System

The online life insurance quote system WinQuote™ provides current cost of coverage prices - its interactive pages and layout make it easy to obtain Canada wide comparison. The question on how much to buy - starts with understanding the obligations you have that require insurance coverage. The Insurance needs analysis worksheet helps you gather is information.

That being said, insurance is not a simple matter. It requires insight and consideration as to your future financial needs and obligations. Over time your circumstances will change, your insurance coverage needs to reflect those changes.

Special Glossary Of
Life Insurance Terms

Insurance coverage is also a major component when formalizing your financial or Investment plan. Special glossary of life insurance terms, sample term rates, articles describing aspects of whole life, term and Universal life, and/or estate planning that provides for family members, may require insurance to protect and guarantee capital for the estate and/or provide liquidity, settle taxes,fee or the structuring of charitable trusts or funds for business succession.

The terminology involved in insurance issues can be confusing. For your assistance and reference, we provide Fiscal Agents' Glossary of Life Insurance Terms.

Some common considerations when buying insurance

Critical Illness Insurance
Thanks to continuing advancement in medical science, today more than ever before, Canadians face a high probability of surviving a critical illness. Most people who suffer major illnesses such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer survive the initial event and continue to live productive lives for many more years.
Critical Illness

Life & Disability Insurance
One of the most common mistakes made about life insurance is forgetting that you are the biggest and most valuable asset. Your capacity to earn a living and provide for your family is difficult to replace. Life insurance and disability coverage simply protects your dependents against the financial hardship that your death or disability would bring.
Life & Disability

Life and disability insurance provides you and your family with the security of knowing that you are protected should a disabling accident or death occur. In essence, the insurance takes the place of the income that is no longer being earned by the insured

  • Are you buying the right type and how much do you need?
  • Not knowing renewal rates can make "cheap" insurance expensive.
  • Do you understand the conditions of your coverage? Should you replace your existing policy?
  • What happens if I become critically ill? Critical Illness Insurance coverage has an answer.
  • Who's the major beneficially of mortgage insurance - you or the bank?
  • Without key person insurance the death of a business owner / operator could drastically (if not terminally) jeopardize the business.
  • The breadwinner becoming disabled can be more financial devastating than dying!

Please consult a insurance professional prior to changing any insurance policy. If buying insurance by mail on the phone or over the Internet, check if the insurance company is allowed to provide coverage. Each Provincial Government in Canada has a Insurance commission that you can call to verify if the insurance company can legally sell you coverage.

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Sample insurance quotations

4 Compare the annual premiums charged for three different levels of life insurance coverage for a term of ten years.
4 Travel Insurance

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