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The Money Management Newsletter: Taxes and Estate Matters
What happens to your property if you don't leave a will?

The following is a quick synopsis of how your property would be divided if you died without a will in the Province of Ontario.

While this information is believed to be true at the time of writing, it is meant for general information only. Individuals should contact their lawyer to make sure that their specific situation receives proper consideration.

Heirs left: Distribution as follows:
1. Spouse only All property to spouse
2. Spouse and 1 child 1st $200,000 to spouse
1/2 of balance to spouse
1/2 of balance to child*
3. Spouse and 2 or more children1st $200,000 to spouse
1/3 of balance to spouse
2/3 of balance equally to children*
4. Parents but no spouse, children or grandchildren Property equally to father and mother or the survivor of them
5. None of the above but surviving brothers or sisters Property equally to brothers and sisters*
6. None of the above but at least one niece or nephew Property equally to nieces and nephews or the survivor of them
7. None of the above but some next of kin Equally among next of kin of equal degree of ancestry and in no case is representation allowed
8. No lawful heirs All to the Crown
* if a child, children, brother or sister is dead, then the children of that person shall take the share their parent would have taken if living.

* * *
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