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Equity investments vs. fixed income within your retirement plan
Bringing a well diversified, sufficiently mixed portfolio that reflects your risk tolerance full circle, requires some simple yet effective tax smart strategies. For example, and depending on your age, you may want to review which types of investments you hold inside your RRSP and especially a RRIF.

Income Trusts: Investors Need Certainty, Tax Efficient Income
There is one simple fact as it relates to Canadian investors today: investors need tax effective income, says Douglas Nelson, Lifecycle Coach with The Knowledge Bureau and author of the certificate course Advising Family Businesses. Whether the need for income relates to the current market environment or whether the need for income relates to the current situation in the life of the investor, a consistent stream of tax effective income is of paramount importance.

Maximizing returns on GICs - 3 Pointers
It's often said that by starting early and investing often - Then the longer your investments has to grow, the more opportunity you have to reap the benefits of compounding interest.

Principal Protected Notes
Principal protected notes are structured investments that provide the benefit of guaranteed capital like GICs with the upside potential of equities, stock markets or commodities. Often these notes will utilize the use of derivative strategies.

Bonds Part 1: Connecting Your Investment Objectives
We may think bonds are pedestrian, dull, or even surly. Their glamorous cousins, stocks, receive most of the press even though the annual North American bond market is twenty times as big as all the stock markets put together.

Bonds Part 2: Harnessing The Factor
Depending on your investment objectives and the general economic climate, you may decide to invest in a bond mutual fund. When assessing funds and reading fund reports, there are several terms that will help you appreciate the factors a bond fund manager must consider.

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Bonds Part 1: Connecting your investment objectives

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