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Perhaps something you found interesting has disappeared from the front page, and you can't seem to figure out where it went? Here you'll find previous revisions of the home page, as well as links to any site content unique to each particular version.

Please note that this archive is updated whenever there is a major addition or revision, so date increments can vary. Front Page Archive - 2005  
Date Added Major additions / revisions Link
May 2, 2005

Bulletin: A quick round-up of tax filing information for 2004
Bulletin: Have you checked your T4 for errors?
Article: Tax Talk - Joint tenancy
Article: Tax Talk - The CRA “Top Ten”
Tip: Tax Tips: Why should a family file tax returns together?
Tip: Tax Tips: Service for seniors makes tax filing a breeze
April 20, 2005

Article: Taking a look at income-generating investments in a rising interest rate environment
Article: Hindsighting investments - income funds, GICs or both?
Article: Eldercare 2005 Part 1/2: Disability Supports Deduction
Article: Eldercare 2005 Part 2/2: Medical Expenses Tax Credit
Article: Surprise, your bank branch is closing: What you need to know
Article: Before You Travel: General Advice for Travellers
Section: Ask An Expert
March 2, 2005

Section: The Fiscal Agents Jumbo RRSP Centre 2005
News: Update: CDIC raises coverage to $100,000!
Article: Hindsighting investments - Income funds, GICs or both?
Article: Looking for a different type of accommodation in retirement - check out a Life lease property
Article: Don't let the thrill of buying your new home be dampened by not considering the property taxes
News: Did you have GIC investments with Confederation Trust?
December 9, 2004

News: CDIC Insurance: Not what it once was
Article: Maximizing returns on GIC investments, compounding and escalating interest rates
Article: After-tax returns vs. Pre-tax. Who knows?
Article: Extend and Blend: It's a new retirement investment term, not something you do at the hairstylist!
Article: Debt you say?
Section: Ask an Expert
Tools: What should you be saving for retirement?
September 24, 2004

Article: Halfway through the year and thinking about RRSPs?
Article: Tailoring your car insurance to suit your needs
Article: Missed claiming a Capital loss in prior years? Tax Court says it’s not too late, so re-file
Article: Taking advantage of the Financial Services Revolution
Section: Ask an Expert
Warning: Sun Life Financial warns: Beware of impersonated financial institutions
July 2, 2004

Review: Check out the stocks contained within the mutual fund as well as the managers' investment philosophy
Article: Eldercare: Under A Microscope
Article: For conservative equity investors, consider dividends for the long haul
Article: Seven easy ways to save money
Article: Still coping with Christmas debt?
March 10, 2004

Article: New annuity page adds greater depth to Learning Centre's -Retirement Income section
Article: Lifetime income solutions for you and yours
Article: Annuity Taxation
Article: Getting a mortgage for self-employed/commission workers
Article: Setting up a regular savings/investment plan
Review: Putting your reward points to a higher task - educate your kids while you shop!
Article: How can mortgage rates be going up when prime is coming down?
Article: What a difference a day makes
Warning: Regulator warns investors to steer clear of Ponzi-style investment schemes
February 10, 2004

Article: Each year the BIG question seems to be: Is there enough money to live when retirement comes around? (The Fiscal Agents 2004 Jumbo RRSP section)

Who's going to take care of me?

Article: What to look for in a RRIF
Article: Attention Snowbirds: Talk finances before you take flight
December 5, 2003

Article: Year-End Tax Planning
Article: Your time is running out
Article: What to look for in a RRIF
Article: Potential benefits of maintaining a minimum monthly balance
Survey: Monthly Service Packages Comparison
Bulletin: Metlife study reveals long-term financial impact for survivors due to spouse's premature death
Section: Ask an Expert
October 23, 2003

Article: Forget to renew your deposits?
Article: Systematic Withdrawal Plans: When is the tax paid?
Article: Will that be debit or credit?
Article: Investment habits of men vs. women
Article: Term Life insurance makes protecting against larger risks more affordable
Article: Gradual Inheritance Transfers
Section: Ask an Expert
August 27, 2003

Article: Are you converting your RRSP funds into a Retirement Income Fund this year?
Article: The range of products is extensive and flexible
Article: Student's Property
Article: I applied for a mortgage, what's happening?
Section: Ask an Expert
July 21, 2003

Article: Bigger Pay GICs
Article: Universal Life: Seperate Insurance & Savings Products Premium Erosion - The Sequel
Article: The Luck of the Draw - And making a difference
Article: Travel Health Insurance: If you get sick unexpectedly or have an accident while you are away, knowing your coverage before an emergency occurs will ease the pain
Article: Identity theft worries: Half of Canadians using debit and credit cards are concerned
May 26, 2003

Article: As the warm weather arrives, has your tax refund?
Article: Surprised by the Old Age Security "clawback" on last years income tax return?
Article: Moving Day - The very last box you should pack
Article: Why smart money remains fully invested
April 2, 2003

Article: GIC Laddering offers investors flexibility, liquidity
Section: Mutual Fund Watch
  - The Winners and Losers
  - Advanced Fund Lookup
Article: Socially Responsible Investing (SRI): So who or what is it?
Section: Ask An Expert
Section: What the Papers Say
March 4, 2003

Article: GICs: A new take on a tried and true investment
Article: Blind sided by a support claim
News: Announcing the National Life RRSP Loan Program
News: Rates announced for new Canada Savings Bonds
Tools: RRIF Payment Scheduler
News: Our third Money Management Newsletter contest
Section: Special Glossary of Abbreviations and Acronyms
February 19, 2003
Special RRSP Section
Article: With the RRSP March 3rd deadline on the horizon, a little foresight...
Article: On-Site RRSP Content and Resources
News: RRSP-Related Calculators and Worksheets
November 8, 2002

Article: Counting on government benefits to augment your income during retirement?
Tools: What should you be saving for retirement? Financial Calculator
Article: Pay your mortgage off faster and save thousands of dollars
News: Financial Advisors Wanted
Section: Ask an Expert
News: Manulife announce a new Nursing Care Income Plan product
September 27, 2002

Article: The market's down... What do you do now?
Article: Planning for your children's future
Tools: Choosing A Guardian Worksheet
Article: Federal Home Buyer's Plan frees up RRSP funds for purchase of first home
Rates: Updated Travel Insurance Survey
Article: RSP Investing Strategies: Monthly Investing Works
Warning: Consumers Alerted to “Advance Fee” Scam
Tools: Mortgage Amortization Schedule Generator
July 23, 2002

Section: Fiscal Agents now offering ING Bank Savings Accounts
Article: Understanding the art of maximizing After Tax Returns, not Pre Tax Returns
Article: Spreading your wealth around using Asset Allocation and Diversification strategies
Article: June 12th marked as another milestone in Canadian banking circles
Section: Front Page Archive
Section: New and Improved Financial Glossary
Tools: Short / Long Term Rate Comparison Calculator
June 18, 2002

Article: Borrow up to $20,000 interest-free from your RRSP and get educated
Article: Power of Attorney and a Living Will - The same thing?
Article: Ontario Savings Bonds Information
Article: A word to single parents about their life insurance
Tools: The MANAGER Net Worth Calculator
Tools: WinQuote™ Online Insurance Quote Service
May 29, 2002

Article: Alter Ego & Joint Partner trusts in estate planning
Article: Your tax return is filed - what happens now?
Article: Estate Planning: Being an Executor
Survey: Savings Accounts Rates Survey
Survey: Electronic banking comparison chart
Tools: Advantage of Early Investing Calculator

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