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The Knowledge Bank Financial Glossary is a clear, comprehensive guide to understanding the terms used in personal financial planning and in the money market. It’s the perfect reference guide for anyone, covering just about every aspect of finance, investing and saving. It contains over 1200+ entries.

The purpose of this glossary is to provide brief definitions of special terminology used in investment and related industries. The glossary is designed to be a quick check tool for the reader. The definitions, while not necessarily legally accurate, are tailored to suit the meaning(s) given to the terms in the market place. Additional meanings for the term may be found in a dictionary.

We know that the information in The Knowledge Bank Financial Glossary is useful to you if it is correct, and we do everything we can to ensure it is. Across all of the individual terms there are thousands of bits of information and inevitably, we may get some of them wrong. If you think you've spotted a fact that is fiction or a word that is misspelled, please let us know by either using the form below, emailing us at:, or by calling (905) 844-7700.

If you would like to contribute a definition that is suitable for inclusion, please fill out the form below.
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