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Definitions – J-K

Joint Account:

An agreement between two or more people to share a bank account or investment registration or the risk and financing responsibility in purchasing or underwriting securities.


Joint and Last Survivor:

1) A type of annuity that pays benefits until both annuitant and the annuitant's spouse die.

2) The Banking industry will register a Guaranteed Investment Certificate with the same type of effect, the certificate is with the words "JTWRS" (Joint Tenants With Rights to Survivor) allows the full ownership the be transferred to the other registered person named on the note.


Joint Tax Return:

A tax return filed by two people, usually spouses


Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship:

A type of account registration on a GIC, term deposit or joint bank account. On the death of one account holder, ownership of the account assets is transferred to the remaining holder or holders.


Joint Venture:

An agreement between two or more business's or individuals to undertake the same business strategy and plan of action


Junior Debt (Subordinate Debt):

Junior debt is defined as those (stakeholder) holders have a claim on the firm's assets only after senior debt holder's claims have been satisfied.


Junk Bond:

A bond which pays an unusually high rate of return to compensate for a low credit rating


Junk Bomb:

A junk bond in a investor's portfolio when bankruptcy happens.

Key-person Insurance: Special insurance available on the lives of the principle active shareholders or managers/or offices in a company, also used to fund buy-sell agreements.
Know Your Client Rule (KYC): The rule that recognizes the fiduciary duty of the investment advisor to understand the client's investment objectives and make appreciate recommendations for investments.
Knowledge Worker: A term coined by author and visionary, Peter Drucker. Refers to the highly skilled and experienced people who seek and create temporary work rather than permanent jobs. The increase in the number of knowledge workers is a result of cooperate downsizing and rapid technological change.

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