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Definitions – Q

Q Ratio:

Market value of a firm's assets divided by replacement value of the firm's assets.



Quebec version of the Canada Pension Plan.

Qualified Investments (RRSP/RRIF)

Qualified investments is the term used for investments that can be held in an RRSP or RRIF. These investments generally include: Canadian dollar savings accounts, guaranteed investment certificates, term deposits shares of Canadian and foreign companies listed on a prescribed stock exchange, shares of some over-the-counter U.S. and Canadian companies, shares of some small businesses certain types of bonds and money-market investments such as treasury bills, Canada Savings Bonds, Government of Canada bonds, provincial government bonds, Crown Corporation bonds, bonds issued by Canadian corporations listed on a prescribed stock exchange, and certain strip bonds certain types of mortgages, including your own certain covered call options, warrants and rights mutual funds


Qualified Small Business Corporation Share:

A share in a small business corporation. The corporation is owned by the individual holding the share. A capital gains deduction is still available on the sale of this type of share



Mutual funds are grouped into sectors. For the proposes of comparison, ach sector is divided into four quartiles (or quarts); the best performing funds are in the top quartile.


Quick Assets:

Current assets minus inventories.


Quick Ratio:

To determine the quick ratio that's a company's ability to meet its financial obligations with its more liquid assets, you divide the company's cash, accounts receivable and marketable securities by its current liabilities. In generally healthy companies should have a quick ratio of at least 1 to 1.



The bid and/or offered prices of a dealer that is willing to buy or sell at.


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