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Definitions – W


The interim holding period from the time of the closing of a issue to its subsequent marketing to capital market investors.



Sometimes come with a new issue of corporate bonds to make them more attractive. Normally, they are options to buy more shares in the company at a fixed price at any time before a certain date. Sometimes, you get the right to buy something else such as a bond or commodity such as gold. After the initial sale, they are usually detachable and traded separately.



Gains equal losses.


Watch List:

A list of firms or securities selected for special surveillance by a brokerage, stock exchange or provincial regulatory organization; firms on the list are often takeover targets, companies planning to issue new securities or stocks showing unusual activity.


Whole Life:

Life insurance which pays whenever death occurs. Whole life insurance has cash values. (Also called straight life or ordinary life.)


White Knight:

A friendly potential acquirer of a firm sought out by a target company that is threatened by a less welcome suitor.

Widely held:

very large companies are deemed to be widely held, i.e., no one party is owning more than 10% of the outstanding shares. Deferent percentages are used to describe this term.


Will Executing:

The process of making your will valid. Usually involves formalities in regard to signing by the testator and witnessing of that signature.


A legally enforceable declaration of a person's wishes relating to matters to be dealt with after his death and inoperative until his death. A will is revocable or can be amended by a codicil up to the time of death, and is applicable to the situation which exists at the time of death.