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Yankee bonds:

Foreign bonds denominated in US$ issued in the United States by foreign banks and corporations. Likewise for example, bonds issued by originators with roots in and by Canadian firms in Europe are called Euro-Canadian bonds.



The return on an investment, expressed as a percentage.


Yield Curve:

A graph showing, for securities, that all expose the investor to the came credit risk, the relationship at a given point in time between yield and current maturity. Yield curves are typically drawn using yields on governments of various maturities.


Yield Spread:

The difference, generally in yield to maturity, between two bonds. The histories of such comparisons are often examined as a means of deciding on the ratio of income produced by an investment relative to its purchase price or current market value, expressed as a percentage.


Yield (Weighted-Average Portfolio):

The weighted average of a yield of all the bonds in a portfolio.


YMPE (Year's Maximum Pensionable Earnings):

The YMPE is used in determining maximum benefits and contributions to the Canada Pension Plan.

The YMPE for 1995 was $34,900.

The YMPE for 1996 was $35,400


Zero Coupon Bonds:

A bond that pays no interest and is initially sold at a discount (See Strip Bonds)


Zero Balance Account or Impress Account:

A checking account in which zero balance is maintained by transfers of funds from a secondary (impress) account to a master account.


Zero-Sum Game:

A type of game when one player can gain only at the expense of the another player.

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