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Who will your family turn to when you die?
It's a little known fact: that for some, the third most expensive purchase most Canadians will make, after their houses and their cars, is their funeral. The average cost of a funeral, plus cremation or burial, is estimated to be between $5,000 and $10,000. This could be a burden for those without any cash reserves so unless the funeral has been prepaid or covered with a "final expense" life insurance policy, the whole purchasing decision is likely to be made by your executor and family during a very stressful time for them and based on whatever financial resources they believe are available.

Preferred tax treatment from Insured Annuities offer both flexible income options and security
Not all investors looking for higher returns on fixed income portfolios, are prepared to change the nature of their investments to equities or market-linked notes - due mostly to the added risk, or poor liquidity. So what's an alternative answer?

Some of the things you need to know in the event of a death of someone close to you
The sense of loss associated with a death can leave you confused and overwhelmed concerning all the decisions you'll have to face. With the help of Everest Funeral Packages Insurance Services Inc. we hope you will find the following information helpful.

You're dead or worse - who's to pay the bills?
A candid look at personal insurance coverage and protecting your loved ones, why you should have insurance protection, and how much you really need.

Tailoring your car insurance to suit your needs
Whether you're buying car insurance for the first time, renewing your current policy, or shopping around for a new one, common sense suggests that you tailor your car insurance to suit your particular needs. Choice abounds for additional coverage.

Gradual Inheritance Transfers
Some parents want to transfer inheritances to their children gradually, as opposed to one lump sum, after death. An Annuity Settlement Option can now be added to a Manulife Investments Guaranteed Interest Contract (GIC), Guaranteed Investment Fund (GIF & GIF encore), or a Manulife Financial Life Insurance policy. The Annuity Settlement Option allows you to add this to an existing or new Manulife contract.

Understanding the different Life Insurance class assessments
This simple set of tables provides a insight to how a Life Insurance product is priced. Most assessments are based on certain determining factors. These are tobacco use, health status, family medical history, personal medical history, physical build and lifestyle.

Term Life insurance makes protecting against larger risks more affordable
Many more family members are making new lifestyle choices and have developed new interests in their 40s and 50s. Building a dream home or cottage, purchasing a boat, or investing in a second career or personal business can mean new debts and new risks.

Getting sick while outside of Canada: A look at the cost of travel insurance
Most people who love to travel, or those who travel frequently know the importance of purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance package before leaving on a trip. Travel insurance protects you out of province or country from unforeseen accidents or illnesses. Without travel insurance, the cost of prescription drugs or hospital care can skyrocket. So, what is your best bet when looking into the purchase of travel insurance?

Travel Health Insurance
Buying travel health insurance is an important step for sufficient medical coverage while outside Canada, but it is only the first step. To make your policy work, there has to be a co-operative relationship between the policyholder and the company.

The Luck of the Draw - And making a difference
Designating a beneficiary is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly. As a rule, a beneficiary designation should be given the same consideration that would be allotted to completing a last will and testament. But what makes this decision so important and what factors should be taken into account? Let's take a closer look.

Designating a beneficiary for a RSP/RIF or a life insurance policy
Designating a beneficiary is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly. As a rule, a beneficiary designation should be given the same consideration that would be allotted to completing a last will and testament. But what makes this decision so important and what factors should be taken into account?

The do's and don'ts
As with most things in life, life insurance comes with it's own rules. In order to be able to take full advantage of life insurance, it is helpful to know all that you can about it including what you should and shouldn't do. Take a look at the following list of do's and don'ts before signing on to any policy.

Purchasing Life Insurance: Are medical tests necessary?
Many people believe that filling out an application and paying a premium is all that is involved in purchasing a life insurance policy. In some circumstances this may be the case but generally can be a bit more complicated.

Life Insurance: Term vs. Permanent Insurance
Life insurance is a fairly broad topic and there is a great deal of information available on the subject of which type of insurance coverage is best. At the same time however, a fair amount of misinformation is also circulating.

Term coverage and the myth of self insurance
In simple terms, self insurance consists of the theory that once an individual or family has accumulated a large asset base, they can drop their life insurance coverage and use their savings as a cushion in case of financial disaster. It makes sense, doesn't it? Unfortunately, there really is no such thing as self insurance.

Critical Illness Insurance: A growing need
There is a relatively new product in the Canadian insurance market called Critical Illness Insurance. This type of insurance is different from the more traditional types of insurance such as life or disability. Life insurance policies generally only payout if the insured person dies, although in some cases individuals who are terminally ill can receive a partial payout from the policy while they are still living.

Charitable giving through insurance
If you would like to make a truly special gift - one that creates a living legacy in your name - life insurance may be the answer. It's a low-cost way to endow a favorite institution or association. You will have the benefit of tax credits if your gift is to a charitable organization in Canada.

A word to single parents about their Life Insurance
A single parent often wishes to provide insurance coverage to be used to care for his or her under-age children should the parent die while the children are young.

Is Mortgage Life Insurance worth it?
How often do we review our monthly expenses - $40 for cable, $87 to the phone company - you get the picture - lots of small items to pay and the bank charging on each transaction to boot! One just payment is the mortgage life insurance premium, that sometimes is hiding besides your Mortgage payment.

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