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Life and Health Insurance Questions to ask yourself

We've assembled a list of insurance questions and many Canadian ask when faced with dealing with insurance related issues.

What will happens if I can no longer earn an income?
If and when I die, will my spouse have enough income to live on?
Can I supplement the surviving spouses income with a life insurance policy?
How much income will be need to support my lifestyle?
If disabled will your disability coverage be taxable if I'm self-employed?
Who will run my business and how could I pay an extra wage is I'm unable to work?
Do you belong to an organization or trade group offering low-cost disability insurance?
Do I have the right type of coverage, if I'm in need of long-term care?
Insuring the breadwinner if fine, but what happens if my stay at home-looking-after-the-kids spouse dies, or needs in-house care, who's to pay for the extra help with the kids etc.?
Will my business partner or spouse be able to purchase my shares in the business? On the other hand will I be able buy his share if he dies?
In leaving my registered savings to a charity, the funds are taxable. Is insurance an alternative?
Can an insurance policy lessen the impact of taxes on your estate?
Have you considered leaving your children or a charity as beneficiaries of an insurance policy and spending more of your assets on yourself?

How can Fiscal Agents Insurance help?

Fiscal Agents Insurance Ltd. is an independent life Insurance agency. We use "LifeGuide®" a premier insurance rates software to help monitor the insurance industry and its rates.

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