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Retirement: Saving it & Spending it

Your retirement should be a time of expectation and enjoyment; a time to put all of the plans and goals that you have made over the years into action. But when the time comes, will you have the resources to live the life you have imagined?

Your current investment plan should address all of the concerns that you have about your financial future. The lifecycle of a financial plan closely resembles our own as it stretches from when we start out in the financial world to when we reach our retirement milestone. Your investment plan will alter and change just as you do, as your needs and goals change as you age.

Fiscal Agent's Cornerstone® Planning process addresses these concerns and works with you to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment plan. We recognize that, regardless of your age, it is never too late to start saving for your financial future and retirement.

Whatever your age, start today and invest regularly, since the longer you wait the more the "procrastinator-effect" has on your retirement income.

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Regular Savings

Milestones in your Financial Lifecycle

Starting out on your own

For many, this marks the beginning of their investment cycle. You are primarily focused on savings and growth as you leave home and secure full time employment, possibly for the first time. You are learning to manage your money and may be concentrating on a goal such as saving for a house.


At this point, your children are normally grown, have left home and may be self-sufficient. This gives you the opportunity for a few more years of aggressive saving for your retirement years through investments. Growth and income management remain important as you continue to accumulate wealth.

Take a look at our articles on the right on Dollar Cost Averaging and developing a regular investing savings and investment plan for more tips on wealth accumulation.


The retirement stage represents a very important part of your financial lifecycle. At this point, you must make your investments work for you as you prepare to survive on the wealth you have accumulated. You have passed through the accumulation stage and may now be concerned with the tax implications that result from the investment income you have amassed.

We can help...

Let Fiscal Agents help you make the most of each stage of your financial lifecycle. Our Cornerstone® Planning process addresses each of these stages individually and incorporates them into your overall investment plan to help to ensure a secure financial future for you and your family.


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