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Life & Disability Insurance

Have you ever tried buying or renting a car without insurance? It is a difficult, if not impossible experience. How about mortgaging a house? You get the same result.

The reason behind this is the protection of an asset.

One of the most common mistakes made about life insurance is forgetting that you are the biggest and most valuable asset. Your capacity to earn a living and provide for your family is difficult to replace. Life insurance and disability coverage simply protects your dependents against the financial hardship that your death or disability would bring.

Life and disability insurance provides you and your family with the security of knowing that you are protected should a disabling accident or death occur. In essence, the insurance takes the place of the income that is no longer being earned by the insured.

How much do you need?

In simple terms, let's say that you earn $40,000 per year. At today's GIC rates, you would need to have about $700,000 in cash to earn the same amount. However, using life insurance to cover this risk could cost as little as $40 per month*.

It is not always this simple however to determine the amount of insurance needed since it is dependent upon your life circumstances. For example, a single working individual might need less insurance that a couple with two young children where only one adult is working. The number of financial dependents can play a big part in deciding the amount of insurance to purchase.

Meeting your insurance needs

Fiscal Agents Insurance Ltd. specializes in all forms of life insurance, and as a part of the Cornerstone planning process, we will review your needs and fine tune your insurance portfolio. Comparison shopping is easy as our quotations (see sample) are furnished by LifeGuide®, Canada's premier insurance rates service, which reviews over 55 life insurance companies offering over 400 plans. Click here to discover what Fiscal Agents Insurance Ltd. can do for you.

Be sure to check out Fiscal Agent's insurance planning tools including How much is enough, a three part worksheet that can help to determine how much life insurance you will require as you age.

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* Figure quoted based on 09/31/00 10 year term illustration for male, age 30, non-smoker at preferred rates.

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