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Establishing a financial plan that meets all of your individual needs can be a difficult and daunting task. Whether you are a first time amateur investor or a proven professional, Fiscal Agents time-tested collection of financial products and services will set you on the track to a better financial future.

Once you have determined the path and direction of your financial plan, the task of choosing suitable investment instruments begins. With the landscape of the financial sector changing constantly, it can be hard to understand the options available to investors today. Guaranteed Investment Certificates are one of the more popular portfolio choices. Learn more about what they are, the various types offered and who should be investing in them. In our GIC section, obtain the most up to date interest rate information for various investment instruments.

Fiscal Agents understands that keeping track of your portfolio can be a challenging task. Money Management Made Easy ® is designed to allow you to keep clear and concise records of your investments through The Manager Statement Account System. A comprehensive list of the products and services available from Canada's leading banks, trusts, insurance companies and investment funds is also available.

Retirement is a major step in life that requires a considerable amount of pre-planning. Our Retirement Planning section is packed with helpful information on the steps to take in the present to ensure a comfortable future. Learn more about saving and spending while discovering the benefits of managing risk.

Be sure to take a look at the Insurance Products and Looking for a Mortgage sections for information on how to plan for and protect the future of you and your family.

Money Management Made Easy ®
You can now keep clear and concise records including GICs and investments funds. With the Manager Statements Account System clients receive information and advice on the best services and products of Canada's leading banks, trust and insurance companies and investment funds.
Retirement Planning
Guaranteed Investment Certificates
are no longer just plan vanilla! We help you to decide between the different many types of GICs, GIAs, Term Deposits as you will see in this section. Our Product research provides our front-line sales representatives a clear overview of all that's on offer within the marketplace, Interest rate monitoring also bring to the forefront the best possible interest {Bonus} rates on your GICs or the lowest on a mortgage.
Insurance Products - Fiscal Agents Insurance Ltd.
Looking for a mortgage
Many Canadians are making ill-informed choices when it come to choosing a mortgage lender, Rate sometimes is less important, when all the lenders are showing the same percentage. The smart buyer can learn how to cut through the maze of mortgage options and features. Using this Mortgage Comparison section will give you a head start.

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