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The Money Centre - Mortgages & Consumer Rates
Consumer Loans

This table provides a closer look at the various credit cards available to consumers, comparing card types, interest rates, annual fees and grace days before interest is charged. Information on department store credit cards is also presented.
Other Available Rates
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 Consumer Loans
Credit Card Fees
Institution Card
Amex Bank of Canada Colbalt 19.99 $10.00 Amex
  Blue Sky 19.99 NONE Amex
  SimplyCash 19.99 NONE Amex
Bank of Montreal World AirMiles 19.99 $99.00 Mastercard
  Air Miles 19.99 NONE Mastercard
  CashBack 19.99 NONE Mastercard
  US Dollar 19.99 $35.00 U.S. Mastercard
Bank of Nova Scotia Scene 19.99 NONE Visa
  Momentum 19.99 $39.00 Visa
  Gold Passport 19.99 $110.00 Visa
  Value 12.99 $29.00 Visa
Canadian Tire Bank Triangle 19.99 NONE Mastercard
  World Elite 19.99 NONE Mastercard
CIBC Aventura 19.99 NONE Visa
  Aero Platinum 19.99 $39.00 Visa
  Aventura Gold 19.99 $120.00 Visa
  Dividend 19.99 NONE Visa
  U.S. Aventura 19.99 $35.00 U.S. Visa
Home Trust Company Secured-Low Rate 14.90 $59.00 Visa
  Secured-NoAnnFee 19.99 NONE Visa
National Bank Platinum 19.99 $125.00 Mastercard
  World Elite 19.99 $150.00 Mastercard
  Syncro 08.90 $35.00 Mastercard
  Allure 19.99 NONE Mastercard
President's Choice PC Financial 19.97 NONE Mastercard
  PC World Elite 19.97 NONE Mastercard
Royal Bank RBC Cash Back 19.99 NONE Mastercard
  Infinite Avion 19.99 $120.00 Visa
  Rewards+ 19.99 NONE Visa
  Classic Low Rate 11.99 $20.00 Visa
  West Jet 19.99 $39.00 Mastercard
TD Canada Trust Cash Back 19.99 NONE Visa
  FirstClass Travel 19.99 $120.00 Visa
  Platinum Travel 19.99 $89.00 Visa
  U.S. Dollar 19.99 $39.00 U.S. Visa
All prices are subject to change without notice, cannot be construed as offers and are provided for informational purposes only. Confirm information with respondent. Survey conducted weekly.
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