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Special GICs

Cashable Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) offer a fixed return for a fixed period of time plus early redemption features as shown. These tables list GIC lenders, minimum amounts, the interest rates and when the interest is paid. Use the drop down box on the right to compare options.
Other Available Rates
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 Special GICs
Cashable GICs
Institution Amount ($) Cash After Days % Rate
Community Trust 5000 30 0.90
Effort Trust 5000 90 0.60
Home Bank 5000 30 1.25
Home Bank 5000 90 1.60
Home Trust 5000 30 1.26
Home Trust 5000 90 1.61
MTCC 1000 30 0.35
Alterna Bank 500 60 0.85
Bank of Nova Scotia 500 30 0.35
Equitable Bank 1000 30 1.65
Alterna Savings 500 60 0.85
All prices are subject to change without notice.
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