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Interest Rates - Consumer Prices / Surveys

The following interest and price consumer reports reflect the market conditions at the time that the survey was conducted. Numbers are for illustration purposes and cannot be construed as an offer by that company.

All rates and prices are subject to change without notice. Interest rates are updated daily while the consumer price sections are individually dated.

The Best of The Best
Check out the rates available specially though Fiscal Agents. We offer rates for your investment decisions and needs that are better than those posted at most banks.
Special rates available at Fiscal Agents

Retirement Savings
It is always the right time to start saving for your retirement. We have detailed information on retirement savings plans to help you make the choice that is right for you.
RRSP GIC 1 to 5 year terms

Income Funds
Is it time to turn on the RIF tap? Check out the rates for RRIFs ranging from one to 20 years as well as the information on RRIF savings accounts.
1 to 5 yrs RRIF Account
10, 15 and 20 years RRIF Account
RRIF Savings Accounts

Mortgage Loan Rates
Looking for a place to call your own? Our collection of mortgage loan rates is the perfect place to start. Variable, convertible, open, closed and long term rates to view and compare.
6 mth and 1 yr variable, convertible and open; 2 year open
1,2,3,5 yrs Closed
Long Term 6,7,10 yrs

Consumer Loan Prices
Up-to-date rates for car and personal loans are right here. If credit is more your style, take a look at the fees charged by credit card companies.
Car loans
Personal loan rates
Credit card fees

Service Fees
Service fees can add up fast so be prepared and know what you are being charged for. Information is up-to-date and encompasses the banking industry and more.
NSF charges
Stop payment fees
Cheque certification fees
Safety deposit box fees
Drug dispensing fees

Guaranteed Investments
Looking for rates for GICs? Look no further than here for GIC rate information updated daily. View and compare rates for GICs with varying payment schedules and term lengths.
GICs Annual Pay 1 - 5 yrs
GICs Semi-annual 1 - 5 yrs
GICs Quarterly 1 - 5 yrs
GICs Monthly 1 - 5 yrs
GICs Compounded Ann 2-5 yrs
Cashable GICs

Term Deposits
Get the inside scoop on rates for term deposits ranging in length from 30 to 364 days.
Term Deposits - 30-89 days
Term Deposits - 90-364 days

TFSAs and
Savings Accounts
For those looking to earn the highest rate of return for their hard-earned money, compare the rates for interest-earning savings accounts as well as U.S. dollar and Canadian T-Bill accounts.
Tax-Free Savings Accounts
Daily/Monthly Interest Saving
U.S. Dollar/CDN T-Bill Savings

Catch up on the latest information from the insurance industry including data on travel and term life insurance. Obtain a competitive life insurance quote from WinQuote™, Fiscal Agent's quoting system, which is powered by LifeGuide®.
Life Insurance - Term

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