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Let's be honest, how many people can actually say that they look forward to the process of planning for their financial future. Even for the most experienced investor, financial planning can be an unsettling and slightly overwhelming experience.

This is where Fiscal Agents can come to the rescue. Our knowledgeable staff will take the time to listen to you to determine not only the details of your financial situation, but also your monetary needs and goals for the future. We have over 20 years of experience in removing the fear factor from the financial planning process.

In order to effectively assess you economic status, we have several financial tools at our disposal. Fiscal Agents Net Worth Calculator is one such tool that has been designed to make financial planning as painless as possible. Made up of six separate sections, the Net Worth Calculator takes you through the steps to calculate your net worth by determining your assets and liabilities.

We take into consideration such factors as income, expenses and the amount of insurance held by you to get an idea of your uncommitted monthly income. We then analyze your assets and liabilities in order to determine your total net worth and combine this information with your investment objectives to get a clear picture of your overall financial state.

When completed, your results from the Net Worth Calculator can be used to help make decisions with regards to your investment opportunities and financial future. With a better idea, financially, of where you stand today, it is easier to see where you want to go tomorrow.

Designed as an Adobe Acrobat PDF, the it can be stored on your hard drive and updated as you choose to. Alternatively, you can use the Short Form of the networth calculator to find results faster.

Net Worth Calculator

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