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Financial Worksheet: Investor Profiler Quiz

How to determine your investment objectives and risk comfort level


The following questions will help you determine whether your current main investment objective is CAPITAL GROWTH, INCOME or BALANCED.

From the drop boxes below, please select the choice that most reflects your view.

By investing in a mutual fund, my main goal is to:

To have immediate access to my money is:

The number of years before I expect to need the money is:

The selections you have made in answering the above questions will determine your current main investment objective, shown below.

Your point total is:
Your investment object is:



The following question will help you determine whether your personal investment risk comfort level is AGGRESSIVE, MODERATE or CONSERVATIVE.

Please mark the ranking that best describes how you feel.

I am ________________ about daily fluctuations in the stock market.

For me to feel confident in my mutual fund, it should have a performance history of at least:

I would like my mutual fund to invest in:

The selections you made answering the above questions determines your personal risk comfort level.

Your point total is:
Your risk comfort level is:

Meaning of risk comfort levels
AGGRESSIVEYou are prepared to assume somewhat higher risks than many investors, for the possibility of greater returns.
MODERATEYou are a moderate risk-taker, compared to investors willing to take no risk, or those prepared to take greater risk.
CONSERVATIVESafety of capital and stability are your main concerns. Your main interest will lie in risk-averse investments.

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