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For Immediate Release:
February 25, 2001

For more information:
David Newman
(905) 844-7700

Fiscal Agents re-launches industry-leading web site

OAKVILLE (February 25, 2001) - Fiscal Agents Financial Services Group has completed the overhaul and re-design of their web site at . This represents the culmination of several years of planning and serves to complete the vast line-up of financial services available from one of Canada's leading no-fee Deposit Brokers.

Featuring thousands of pages of information relating to almost every segment of the financial industry, the web site has been created to be one of the most comprehensive financial reference tools available in Canada today. As an addition to Fiscal Agents, it serves as an extension of the day-to-day services already offered to their clients.

David Newman, Director of Information Services for Fiscal Agents, is confident of the appeal of the new web site. "The site is unmatched anywhere in Canada," he explains. With the depth of information provided, including data on Guaranteed Investments, Retirement and Insurance products, and a full range of Mutual Funds, it will no doubt attract veteran investors looking for new insight as well as novices looking for an understanding of the basics.

The web site also works to further Fiscal Agent's cause by increasing the public's knowledge of investment planning. "It is always a good idea to have an educated client," says Newman. "On our site, we talk about the various planning concepts in a straight-forward manner - a language everyone can understand."

Anyone interested in planning for their financial future can benefit from the layers of financial material contained within the site, including:

· Over 200 Savings, Investment and retirement planning articles
· Consumer reports and fee surveys
· Charts containing up-to-date information on interest rates for investments and loans
· Interactive financial planning tools and calculators
· Extensive sections on retirement planning and mortgages

With a large part of Fiscal Agents' business focusing on Guaranteed Investments, Newman felt it was important to provide as much information on the subject as possible when creating the web site.

…more "Our site is virtually a one-stop shop for those looking into Guaranteed Investments. We have all of the information they need to make an informed investment decision." he states. "No other site carries as much background information on GICs as we do. After visiting us on the Internet, all they have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call."

Newman believes that, with the addition of the web site, Fiscal Agents is in the position to offer their clients a complete investment planning experience - from start to finish.

"The re-dedication of our web site is the result of years of planning and development and serves to tie all of our services together in an unbeatable package."


Background information

About Fiscal Agents

Since its inception in 1977, Fiscal Agents has grown to become a full-service investment planning firm as well as Oakville's pre-eminent no-fee Deposit Broker. In addition to their investment services, Fiscal Agents has expanded to include Fiscal Agents Financial Information Services which has developed the reputation of being one of Canada's leading financial research houses.

They have developed a strong industry presence through the distribution of their retail interest rate tables, which are published in local and national newspapers including the National Post and The Toronto Star. Fiscal Agents' seasonal specialty studies are also published in The Globe and Mail, and Fiscal Agents Financial Information Services provides a daily quotation facility service to Canada's largest web sites,, and As an independent company without ties to any financial institution, Fiscal Agents offers the widest choice of investment products and services available today.

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Take a closer look at the inside world of investment planning with a trip to the Knowledge Bank. This section is an assortment of informative tips, in-depth financial product reviews and links to various financial resources on the Internet, packaged together to help you make the most of your investment decisions.

Executive Notes offers an extensive collection of useful and knowledgeable information including advice on credit management, tax planning, and obtaining a mortgage. Learn more at

Follow along with the life stories of our three friends Kate, Jack and Clive in The 10 Principles of Being Rich as they experience the trials and tribulations of making decisions about their financial future. See how the investment decisions they make now will affect them over the years to come at

Money Centre is an investor's best friend. Containing pages of information on the latest interest rates for investments and loans, Money Centre also features consumer reports on such things as drug dispensing fees and long distance telephone charges.

The Financial Tools section is comprised of a collection of financial calculators, worksheets and planners to benefit both amateur and professional investors. Covering topics such as retirement planning, savings and investments, and mortgages and loans, Financial Tools has been designed to help you explore your financial options and opportunities.

The Newsletter section showcases an assortment of informative financial articles covering the scope of the financial sector. The articles are separated into categories dealing with issues that may have an effect on your financial future, including money management, investing in mutual funds and choosing financial services to name a few.

At Fiscal Agents, the products and services we offer to our clients are the backbone of our existence. In the Products and Services section, you can take an in-depth look at these products and see how we help our clients to plan for a better financial future.

We keep a close eye on the news and views in the world of finance with our Radar Screen section. Radar Screen contains an ongoing collection of news tidbits, comments and opinions from Canada's leading financial institutions and money managers, updated frequently to provide current information on the latest developments.

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