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Oakville, April 8. 2003
David Newman, Registered Deposit Broker
Fiscal Agents – Savings and Investment Centre offers ING Bank accounts

Big interest rates in Oakville for small business savings accounts.

Whoever likes the term “small” when it’s your own business? We all have Big plans for our business and as you know, it’s a big effort to manage any business. That’s why it’s important to get all your assets working.

Whether you’re considered to be in a big or small category, each company has a cash reserve – and if your cash is sitting in a bank account - it could be earning absolutely, Diddly Squat, Naught, Nothing, Zip, Zippo, Zero, Zilch …

Fiscal Agents is in the financial business and we don’t like our clients being taken for granted and that’s what’s happening at almost all of the Big Banks.

We’re always on the look out for great deals for our clients. So when we researched the business savings account market, and found the most convenient way to manage most of our own working capital was with the business savings account at ING Bank. We wanted to let you know how very easy it was to open, and is to manage - the bonus is investment type interest rates - high enough to off set our other bank fees.

In a recent bank survey three of the big banks paid 0% on business accounts, one paid .05% while the other had a competitive rate, but would charged a fee of $5 for in-branch transfers. In addition one of the banks demanded a minimum account balance, while another offered to waive the business plan fee for 3 months. To them we say “big deal”!

On the other hand the ING Bank business account has No-Fees, No minimums and is currently paying 2.75% interest. You can move money in-and-out between your big “Main Street” bank and ING Bank. You can transfer funds over the Internet, over the phone or if you wish to deal with an no-fee deposit broker then our Lakeshore Road office is open to you.

If you’re interested in finding out more or wish to open an ING Bank account, you can check it out at or call 905-844-7700. Our office hours are weekdays 9 to 5. As the INGDirect TV commercials say “Save your Money”


Rates and returns quoted in the article where correct at the point of publication - April 8, 2003

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