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Life insurance for charitable giving
Thinking of making a sizeable donation to a charity when you leave this world? Life insurance is a versatile planning technique that can deliver extra benefits, now or later. Depending on your personal objectives and situation, there are a number of ways to use an insurance policy for charitable giving.

Before You Travel: General Advice for Travellers
If you are planning to travel internationally, you should contact a physician or travel medicine clinic at least 6 to 8 weeks before travel in order to allow enough time for any immunizations that may be required to be completed. This is especially true for those planning travel to tropical areas or developing countries.

Know Before You Go: Filing a Claim
When you're shopping for travel insurance, take some time to educate yourself on the process to file a claim with the various travel insurance programs you are comparing. It will save you time and give you peace of mind if you do a little research before you buy.

Forced Protection - Can Canadians live without insurance?
Let's start by stating up front that if you rent or own a home that is mortgaged, and/or lease or own a car, you are obligated to maintain the appropriate insurance. Beyond this, there are many other forms of insurance such as Life, Health, Employment, Mortgage, Business, Pet and New Home. Recently, I learned of an insurance policy for resale home buyers; it provides up to a year's coverage on things like appliances, roofs etc. So what is all this insurance guff about? And, what, if any, can we live without?

Protecting your greatest asset
Is your greatest asset at risk? Better yet, what is your greatest asset? "Ah-ha," you say, "that's easy! It's my house." Wrong! Although Canadians may spend approximately 30% of pre-tax income on home ownership - which is a hefty slice of any pie - an individual's greatest asset is his or her ability to earn income - the whole pie.

Snowbirds: Before you fly south for the winter
Anytime you leave Canada without travel health insurance-even for just a few hours-you’re taking a risk. If you get sick unexpectedly or have an accident while you’re away, health care providers outside Canada will charge you much more than your Canadian Government Health Insurance Plan will pay. You will be responsible for paying any difference in cost, potentially thousands of dollars, unless you purchase travel health insurance. Even your young family members, are at risk when travelling on a vacation or school trip. Some out-of-country hospitals won’t even admit you without proof of proper health insurance.

Tips on Travel, Health and Life Insurance and Diabetes
Having diabetes may mean you will experience greater difficulty obtaining some forms of insurance, or will face higher premiums, or both. However there are things you can do to improve your opportunities for obtaining the insurance you need at a price you can afford. The Canadian Diabetes Association offers these insurance tips for people with diabetes.

Student's Property
The summer is almost over and many homeowners will have sons or daughters leaving home to attend a University or College in some distant city. Parents should be aware that certain insurance related matters are applicable to these students.

Separate Insurance and Savings Products Premium Erosion - The Sequel
Important lessons to be learned from this case begin with the feet that Universal Life is not a guaranteed policy. An `Illustration' provided in the course of a sale is not worth the paper it's written on; it does not accurately forecast what will occur over the duration of the policy. 'The Cost of Insurance (C.O.I.) in a U.L. does not equate to the premium - no matter how hard an agent or broker tries to convince you it does - and even if the C.O.I. is guaranteed, the premiums are not. Further, despite some components in U.L. policies being guaranteed, premiums never are.

Separate Insurance and Savings Products Premium Erosion
No matter how appealing the presentation, no matter how gripping the accompanying illustration, if a life insurance agent or broker approaches you with the recommendation that in order to effectively fund your retirement you should acquire a life insurance policy and then pump into it as much premium as you can afford, beware. What this risk-laden strategy invariably conceals is more critical than what it reveals and for success depends primarily upon the performance of an unguaranteed product, namely, the Universal Life insurance policy.

Disability insurance a necessity
One of the great fears for anyone is suddenly being disabled in some way and unable to continue regular work or activity. Coupled with that is concern about no longer having an income to meet ongoing expenses and the impact of this loss on dependents.

Preparing for your death
We often hear stories of people who die and leave financial problems for their families to settle. Sometimes it's these stories that make us stop and think. Who will take care of my family? What kind of choices will my family have without my income?

Study fine print on medical insurance
Many Canadians hold medical insurance through their company benefits package. But few have ever actually read the fine print on that policy. When you travel out of the province or out of the country, you should know how that package will cover you and your family.

Using life insurance as a business succession
Too often entrepreneurs spend years building a business and come to an agreement with a partner or family member over succession, but fail to make plans to finance the succession. That is where life insurance plays a role.

Insure a stay at home parent
In many Canadian families one parent will opt to stay home to look after the children, usually when the children are under the age of two or there is more than one child. It's often a financial trade-off for young couples - whether to spend money on daycare or struggle along on one income.

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Protecting your greatest asset

Student's Property

Seperate Insurance and Savings Products Premium Erosion - The Sequel

Separate Insurance and Savings Products Premium Erosion

Disability insurance a necessity

Preparing for your death

Study fine print on medical insurance

Using life insurance as a business succession tool

Insure a stay at home parent

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