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Listed below are previous investment product reviews that have been featured in our newsletter section or elsewhere around the website. Click the titles of each to read the entire review.

Newsletter (Home Ownership) - Getting a mortgage for self-employed / commission workers
Self-employed borrowers and commission sales people normally do not have the same income stability that regular salaried workers in Canada have. This segment of the Canadian labor force can apply for a regular mortgage to finance or refinance a home but the process is onerous and typically may result in higher interest rates. GE Mortgage Insurance Canada has developed a specialized mortgage insurance program, available through financial lenders and mortgage brokers, to help self-employed and wholly commissioned workers receive a high, loan-to-value mortgage at regular interest rates, quickly and easily, to either purchase or refinance a home.
March 2004
Newsletter (Insurance) - Gradual Inheritance Transfers
Some parents want to transfer inheritances to their children gradually, as opposed to one lump sum, after death. An Annuity Settlement Option can now be added to a Manulife Investments Guaranteed Interest Contract (GIC), Guaranteed Investment Fund (GIF & GIF encore), or a Manulife Financial Life Insurance policy.
September 2003
Radar Screen (Retirement) - National Life offers new RRSP Loan Program
Summary: National Life's new RRSP Loan Program is designed to make it easy for clients of financial advisors maximize their income tax savings and retirement nest egg. Through a program arranged by TD Canada Trust, loans starting at a minimum of $2,500 and going up to maximum allowable contribution limits, including any carry forward amounts, can be provided at very competitive rates and with flexible terms.
February 2003
Newsletter (Managing Money) - Manulife One: Getting your money working for you
Summary: Have you ever given any thought to how hard the money in your bank account is working for you? If you have, you have probably come to the realization that, with the low savings rates, it really isn’t doing very much at all. And for those with mortgages and other types of consumer debt that carry high rates of interest, one can’t help but wonder if there isn’t a better way. Now there is.

December 2002
Companion Advisor (Insurance) - Separate Insurance and Savings Products
Summary: No matter how appealing the presentation, no matter how gripping the accompanying illustration, if a life insurance agent or broker approaches you with the recommendation that in order to effectively fund your retirement you should acquire a life insurance policy and then pump into it as much premium as you can afford, beware.
November 2002
Newsletter Bulletin - Tax-Smart Investing = 30-35% RRSP Tax Credit + RRSP Deduction
Summary: Some of the world's most successful household names, including Microsoft, Cisco and Intel, were originally funded by venture investors. Retail venture capital funds - known as "Labour Sponsored Investment Funds" (or LSIFs) - offer funding and strategic guidance to entrepreneurs in exchange for an ownership stake.
February 2002
Newsletter Bulletin - Action required before Dec. 24 to catch the year end deadline
Summary: Due to broad price declines in many of the world’s stock markets, some of your investments may now be worth less than what you paid for them. Fortunately, there is an investment strategy that may provide a "silver lining" to your portfolio during brief periods of negative performance – Tax Loss Selling.
December 2001
Newsletter (Insurance Products) - Critical Illness Insurance - A growing need
Summary: There is a relatively new product in the Canadian insurance market called "Critical Illness Insurance". This type of insurance is different from the more traditional types of insurance such as life or disability.
October 1996

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